Engineering Mechanics for North Maharashtra University, Semester I

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This course lays out the fundamental concepts of Engineering mechanics dealing with the forces and their effects on particles and rigid bodies. This subject bridges the gap between physical theory and its application to technology.

  • 26 Chapters
  • 26 Videos
  • 575 Questions
  • Introduction To Mechanics
  • Resolution of Force, System of Forces
  • Moment, Varignon's and Parallelogram Law
  • Composition of Concurrent Force System
  • Composition of Parallel Force System
  • Composition of General Force System
  • FBD, Types of Supports and Reactions
  • Conditions Of Equilibrium
  • Equilibrium of 2-force and 3-force body, Lami's Th
  • Equilibrium of Connected Bodies and Pin-Jointed Fr
  • Laws of Friction and Basic Terms
  • Block Friction
  • Friction in Wedges and Ladders
  • Rope Friction and Tipping
  • Trusses, Types and Applications, Method of Joints
  • Trusses, Method of Sections
  • Trusses, Special Cases and Determinacy
  • Analysis of Pin-Jointed Frames
  • Centroid of Plane Laminas
  • Centroid of Wire Bends
  • Moment of Inertia, Theorems
  • Rectilinear Motion
  • Curvilinear and Projectile Motion
  • Newton's Second Law
  • Work Energy Principle
  • Impulse